Educational Opportunities

Northern Heritage Mills' historical resources are rare teaching tools that provide students with a positive experience to reinforce concepts of engineering and develop an appreciation for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The educational experiences at Northern Heritage Mills provide an opportunity to engage in and develop a personal relationship with a vast array of historic technologies that are the basis of precision engineering and sciences.

This unique and exciting learning environment would not be possible for a single school. However, individual schools can partner with Northern Heritage Mills Educational Programs to provide their students with critical learning and manufacturing training experiences using understandable technologies, that is rare opportunity today.

It is expected Northern Heritage Mills' working technologies and training will help young people understand engineering and manufacturing tools which will create and inspire new ideas in future generations of students.

All of these historic technologies were once new and innovative artistic examples of engineering, science and manufacturing that transformed New England into one of the most creative, innovative engineering and manufacturing centers in the world.

The engineering involved in a sawmill, paper mill, woodworking mill, bio-mass electric and district heating, grist mill, glass factory or a food processing mill demonstrate the actual transformation of raw materials into finished products. Northern Heritage Mills will provide the educational engineering tools that can be a future catalyst for the next generation of STEM leaders.

Art, Design and Engineering

The art of design of engineering, technology, manufacturing and innovation will be explored as each are critical components of the structure of a talented workforce and advanced manufacturing. Students will be able to understand the artistic creative process that is essential to science, technology and precision manufacturing.

Northern Heritage Mills Art and Design Programs will use works from creative individuals such as Steve Jobs of Apple Computers, Robert Maillart who changed aesthetics and engineering in bridge design, and well known local industries to showcase valued examples in engineering, technology, manufacture and science.

Seminars by industrial designers, inventors, artists, craftsmen and scientists will present demonstrations in their various skill sets. The seminars in concert with the Educational and Demonstration Center programs, collaborating schools and partner industries will ignite a creative pathway to inspire new and attainable ideas in young people.

Energy Education

Our energy program will demonstrate various engineering aspects of energy production with actual machinery and working scale models. Examples are: bio-mass and district heating, oil, gas, coal tar, hydro fracking, hydroelectric, tide energy, nuclear, solar, wind, geothermal and composting.

Historical Technology Training

Northern Heritage Mills is developing a precision machine shop and program to prepare highly-skilled technical individuals to restore, rebuild and preserve historical industrial equipment and technologies. The existing experts in this technology are currently in their 60's - 80's and it is expected these irreplaceable technical experts will pass their skills to a younger, more hands-on generation. To complement prior technology it is expected 3D printers will be available to contrast different manufacturing engineering methods.