Northern Heritage Mills (NHM) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization located in Claremont, New Hampshire. NHM was founded in 2001 to promote the preservation of historical technologies and unique educational oportunities they provide.

It is our hope to foster the imagination of students with these early innovations and modern technology as well as help prepare them for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.


NHM's primary goal is to establish an Educational Demonstration Center in Claremont. The center will utlilize historical technologies and interactive modalities to inform, educate, train and inspire middle, high school and post-secondary students, as well as the general public in the principles of engineering, scientific processes, manufacturing technology and entrepreneurship. This place-based education will occur in a creative hands-on environment of a restored hydro-powered facility on the Sugar River.

Northern Heritage Mills will offer valuable place-based learning experiences and training that may create a lifelong appreciation for the discovery and ingenuity in engineering, science and manufacturing technologies. Northern Heritage Mills will also preserve manufacturing technology and exhibit significant pieces of equipment used in industry dating from the 1700's into the 20th century.

The Education Demonstration Center will be a living laboratory of creativity, innovation, precision manufacturing, training and inspiration for sparking the young minds of the future workforce.

It is not just the newest technology or the most advanced computerized machines that will move our region to become economically stronger and socially healthier, it is the incredibly skilled and talented people who will. The Educational Demonstration Center will be a pathway to increase the pool of skilled and talented individuals.

Community Impact

Northern Heritage Mills’ programs will encourage economic development and community wealth. New and growing companies seeking to move to a less-congested area, where employees can enjoy a clean, healthy lifestyle, and an available talented work force within a creative community where the technology, talent and tolerance interface in an attractive environment.

Northern Heritage Mills’ programs will engage youth with relevant, hands-on programs meant to create a pathway to ready them for STEM fields of education and an employment future as a talented, skilled and creative workforce. Northern Heritage Mills will be an educational destination to provide creative problem solving opportunities and critical thinking in science, technology, green energy and entrepreneurship.


Northern Heritage Mills will have 10-15 full and part time-time employees. Summer programs may have up to 30 employees and 30 volunteers.


Products, services, admissions, partnerships, special events, seminars, memberships and donations will provide an income stream to sustain the programs.


Starting in 2015, student mentoring and public tours of historic mills and manufacturing sites will be offered as special events to students and the general public, along with seminars on the art of engineering, manufacturing and innovation.

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