Claremont's 250th Anniversary in 2014

Northern Heritage Mills' Electric boat on the Sugar River in Claremont built by boat builder and engineer, Will Ansell. The highly visible, stationary boat will bring attention to the importance of Claremont's historic preservation and its connection to water power and its historic mills. This will be a community educational, energy-history, and engineering program. The boat will be generating electric lights at night using the Sugar River for power. (with PSNH as an educational partner)

Electric Boat


Engineering the controls for the hyrdo-electric boat.(left) The educational hydro-electric demonstration boat's waterwheel in action.(right)

Northern Heritage Mills will also demonstrate other historical working technologies.

Regional Program for Young Women

Professional women will encourage young women of promise to enter historically non-traditional industries: engineering, science, manufacturing, technology and leadership, in the northern New England region.

Awards given by Northern Heritage Mills

White Mountain Hydroelectric Corp.

Damon Mills Farm

Dr. Cohen's Hydroelectric Mill

M. H. Parks & Son

Bob Goodell

C. Daloz Mill Farm

Films by Northern Heritage Mills

The Last New England Master Basket Maker- Claude Smead, 2001

The Skinner Universal Uniflow Steam Engine Preservation, 2012 (unedited)

Books by Northern Heritage Mills

A Short Industrial History of Acworth, 1800-1820

Tours of Historic Mills

2009 - NH and VT

2010 - NH

2011 - NH,VT, MA