Northern Heritage Mills has partnered with various historical mills, industry and educational groups, including:

Thanks to our many preservation partners!

Azure Mountain Hydro
Bacon Felt Co.
Bemidji Woolen Mills, Bemidji MN
Bradley Mills
Brown University
Damon Mills Farm
Gerkens TV, Keene, NH
Green Mountain Railroad
Greenfield (MA) Historical Society
Hagley Museum and Library
Hamshaw Lumber
L.W. Packard Mills
M.H. Parks & Son
Monadnock Paper Mills
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
New England Wooden Ware
Philadelphia University
Public Service of New Hampshire - PSNH
Riverdale Mills
River Valley Community College (2009-2012)
Skinner Universal/Uniflow Steam Engine
Society for Industrial Archeology - Northern New England Chapter
Society for Industrial Archeology - Southern New England Chapter
Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center
Tide Mill Institute
University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth
U.S. Department of Interior, Lowell, MA
U.S. Department of Interior, Saint Gaudens, NH

2012 Innovation and Engineering Expo Sponsors


Technical Advisors:

K. Alton
H. Auten
M. Belanger, P.E.
L. Buckland, M.E.
S. Budd, Ph.D.
T. Clark
A. Cohen, M.D.
M. Collier
L. Converse
B. Damon, CEO
L. Erskine Jr. JD,ret
M. Foley
A. Harvey-Smith, PhD.
J. Glidden, CEO
H. Greenlaw, M.E.
W. Griffin
T. Leveen, CEO
M. Loiselle
R. MacLeod
P. Malone, Ph.D.
M.K. McGoodwin, Ph.D
D. Merrill
B.V. Robillard
J. Schneid, CAGS
J. Shanks
M. Starkey, M.ED
C. Slason M.Ed
R. Stewart E.E.
B. Stocker
H. Taves, M.S.
Todd Engine Co.
D. Urquhart, CEO
Vapor Locomotive Co.
L. Weldon, D.D.S.
J. Wiener, Ph.D.
S. Ziviloch M.ED, CEO